Monday, February 9, 2009

MIA ... if only.

I'm not really one to rant about celebrities, but I feel compelled in this case, so just bear with me.

Last night was the Grammy's. Yesterday, MIA's baby was due. Last night, MIA performed at the Grammy's. Does this not add up right to anyone else? Believe me, I'm not one who thinks pregnant women should hide away from society. I was pregnant once, I speak from experience.

When I was pregnant, I started to avoid loud venues and stopped blaring punk music at around 3 months, when they say babies can begin to hear outside noise. By the nine month mark, babies in the womb can hear just about as well as an adult and can suffer hearing loss from loud noises. Despite this, MIA performed on stage with a gazillion watts of sound blasting all around. Maybe she didn't bother to know how it might affect her baby beforehand.

Her performance of a song with about eight others, who merely sampled her song (so, a sample of a sample... nevermind) was obviously more important than her baby. Oh, and the fact there was a backing track of her vocals which basically rendered her unnecessary. Yep, I can see why her presence was so required. I wonder if MIA will also be a parenting philosophy.

Don't get me started on what she was wearing. Although, Kayne's hair looked dumber... "give me the 'I ride the shortbus'".