Monday, June 29, 2009

holy wow - adam augustyn

As it's clearly stated in my 'about me' section, I love product design. I will buy a product simply for the way it looks. That's why I'll buy Voss over Dasani (although, I liked Voss much better when they only had glass bottles).

Today, I stumbled upon some really great product design.

All by Adam Augustyn out of Brooklyn, NY. This guy could definitely get me to buy more Aspirin. There are some fantastic illustrations and logos on his website as well, so take a look.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

the internet broke

Today, for some unexplained reason, our internet stopped working. Usually it's due to our router and the crazy network of laptop, desktop, desktop as server, wi-fi, Apple TV, and VOIP that my husband has set up. For the sake of my sanity, I stick with my Macbook and Apple TV and if either one stops connecting properly I just yell for my husband and he rejigs, resets, reconfigures, or whatever. He knows the right sequence of little blinking lights on the routers. I could too, but I sort of refuse on principle. I figure, if you have it set up right, it should just work. But, I digress!

So the internet just stopped. This time, it was not the crazy network... we were just cut off. The few occasions this has happened, there is a twinge of panic that strikes me. I suddenly feel completely disconnected from the world, like all the windows and doors have been bricked over. Actually, I would probably prefer that, I would have an excuse to spend more time on the internet! But then, that little voice of reason tells me to calm down, that there are many other things to do. My panic voice has an equally valid retort that there are numerous websites I could be wasting my weekend on, and that it's not just the internet, but my phone, my TV (we don't have cable, we rely solely on the Apple TV) are all gone.

Am I too reliant on the internet and technology in general? Yes, yes I am... and I like it that way!

And do you know what I ended up doing? I was forced into productivity... I cleaned. Oh, broken internet, how I loathe thee!

Comic: Toothpaste For Dinner

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cupcake Cuteness

I've got cupcakes on the brain lately, I plan on making some for an upcoming pool party. When I came across these at Advertising Is Good For You this morning, I had to share.

Of course I love Betsey Johnson, too! There's more designer cupcakes listed, but this was my favorite (pink!).

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some people need a few reminders...

So the big Coldplay gig was last night here in Des MoineS (as the Howling Bells singer pronounced it). I still have trouble understanding what is so hard about pronouncing Des Moines properly, does no one speak French? Anyway, I digress.

After experiencing the varied crowd at last night's show it's apparent a few people could have done with a crash course in the etiquette of concert-going. Etiquette as I see it anyway, and of course, what I say is gospel. :)

1. Be polite during the support band. Don't talk during their set. Not just for them, but others might not want to miss the potentially next big thing because you have a need to talk too loud about things that aren't impressing anyone.

2. In a venue like an arena with assigned seats, this is especially important: Bathroom breaks and beer runs need to be at a minimum and well-timed.
a. Don't leave and annoy people during a song.
b. If you must leave during a song, leave during a filler song.
c. Wait until a good or hit song is over before returning to your seat.
(Snow Patrol's "Run" and Coldplay's "Yellow" were both interrupted numerous times by people who couldn't wait to leave)
d. If you leave AND come back during a good song, a "Sorry!" is in order.

3. Women over 30 should not act like they're in high school again just because they're having a night out. Some of us take music very seriously.

4. Men: Backwards baseball hats and two-armed fist pumping should be saved for football games.

5. Don't be a douce.

Last night's show was all-in-all pretty good. I have never been super keen on Coldplay. Sure, their music is pleasant and catchy but a little too... liked by all for my tastes. However, last night made me like them a lot more. The end of the show did drag a little and I wished they would have saved a more popular song for the end of their encore (Shiver would have been my pick).

Snow Patrol was good as well. I got to hear "Chocolate", "Run", and "Chasing Cars", so I was happy. It was a good night, I'm glad I got out to see it.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Pull the covers over your head

Since I'm having trouble getting to load (hmm?) I've been browsing other wall decal vendors in it's absence. While doing so, I discovered this:

Now I love Donnie Darko as much as the next dude, but who wants to wake up to freaking Frank? No thank you. This would give me nightmares. The only purpose this could possibly serve in my world is to intimidate the monster in my closet into staying put.