Thursday, July 9, 2009

Crush, crush

I think I've started to grow up a little. Partially evident in that my schoolgirl like crush on Conor Oberst is fading. Not that he isn't still fab and I'm sure when he hits his 30's (soon) and sheds the boy look a bit more, I'll totally be back to crushing on him. Especially if he keeps that hair. Right now, he looks like an emo version of my husband.

But now, I'm completely digging Blitzen Trapper's Eric Earley. I'm sure part of it is the music... folky, eclectic tunes with a rugged but not too backwoods edge. Maybe it's odd, but maybe it makes complete sense but most of my "crushes" are very similar looking to my husband. Very dark, slightly unruly hair, dark eyes, scruffy. A good look, if you ask me. :)


Richard said...

Obviously shows that you chose the right husband :-) Either that, or you have subliminally molded me into the look you prefer. Either way.