Sunday, June 28, 2009

the internet broke

Today, for some unexplained reason, our internet stopped working. Usually it's due to our router and the crazy network of laptop, desktop, desktop as server, wi-fi, Apple TV, and VOIP that my husband has set up. For the sake of my sanity, I stick with my Macbook and Apple TV and if either one stops connecting properly I just yell for my husband and he rejigs, resets, reconfigures, or whatever. He knows the right sequence of little blinking lights on the routers. I could too, but I sort of refuse on principle. I figure, if you have it set up right, it should just work. But, I digress!

So the internet just stopped. This time, it was not the crazy network... we were just cut off. The few occasions this has happened, there is a twinge of panic that strikes me. I suddenly feel completely disconnected from the world, like all the windows and doors have been bricked over. Actually, I would probably prefer that, I would have an excuse to spend more time on the internet! But then, that little voice of reason tells me to calm down, that there are many other things to do. My panic voice has an equally valid retort that there are numerous websites I could be wasting my weekend on, and that it's not just the internet, but my phone, my TV (we don't have cable, we rely solely on the Apple TV) are all gone.

Am I too reliant on the internet and technology in general? Yes, yes I am... and I like it that way!

And do you know what I ended up doing? I was forced into productivity... I cleaned. Oh, broken internet, how I loathe thee!

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