Friday, March 27, 2009

Uber Gross

This morning Tristan is snacking on something that is making my stomach turn. Frosted mini wheats dipped in ketchup.

Before you question what kind of mother I am, this was all his idea! He found a little cup of ketchup leftover from a restaurant in the fridge and wanted it opened. I told him it would taste gross with his cereal but he kept persisting. I thought once he tasted it, he'd spit it out and we'd be done. Oh no. He dunked in the first piece, took and bite and stared and leaned toward me with a over- exaggerated "Yuuummmm!"



Richard said...

You know how it is for us, everything tastes better with ketchup! :-)

Lorie said...

I had a friend in elementary school whose brother ate ketchup with EVERYTHING! Even ice cream!