Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Mama Was a Riot Girrrl?"

This is old (2006) but I just stumbled on this article from the NY Times about kid bands. The term "kid-core" is used, so how could it not be a good read?

Pale and thin, with fluffy manes of rocker hair, Lucian and Julian are also partners in a record label, Beautiful Records, which has recorded Care Bears on Fire and Magnolia, using equipment that Lucian was given for his eighth-grade graduation, soon after a baby sitter introduced the two boys to ’80s punk.

“We were into, like, Rancid and Blink 182 at the time,” said Julian, cringing at his junior-high lack of cool. “That ended when we heard Minor Threat.”

I always lament at the fact I didn't give my kid some Stroke-esque name like Julian. It seems maybe it's over used. At least in New York. Phew.

This article also strikes me as cool because my husband and I had joked that we were going to "grow our own band", as in have kids to fill the positions. Like a garage rock Partridge Family.