Thursday, March 19, 2009

Yeah, I'm a Twilight freak too.

Okay, so I admit it. I adore the Twilight saga. Although, I did try really hard at first to resist it. I tried to reason with myself that it was for teenage girls and it would be silly of me to indulge in such foolishness despite my fascination with all things vampire. The argument has flaws right from the start as I have trouble remembering on many occasions that I'm not a teenage girl anymore. It might take me until I hit 30 to get that through my head.

I finally succumbed though when faced with a potentially mind-numbing 8 hour transatlantic flight. So I bought Twilight at Heathrow airport. No, I was not proud but it was a relief to stop fighting a battle that was inevitably going to be lost.

I read it. Totally hooked. I had to read the whole saga, which I did. All four books. Loved it to the very end. I will probably read them all again someday. I joked to my husband that he should read them if he wanted an insight into the girly mind. Truth be told, these books are really unfair for guys as no mere mortal guy can compare to Edward.

Now, I have not seen the movie. I wanted to get through the books first. So I'm excited for the DVD release tonight at midnight. I'm secretly hoping my husband buys it for me (did you get that, hon?). :) Reading the books it was difficult to not picture the actors from the movie as the characters since the previews for Twilight were already playing before I read the first book. I'm a little interested to see how well I think they fit.

I have to just mention the author Stephenie Meyer for a moment. She's totally a kindred spirit (to invoke Anne of Green Gables). Her apparent obsession with Muse makes her that much cooler.

So, if you're having a midnight Twilight party, send a hey my way. I can play nice. :)


Lorie said...

We have the greatest girl that babysits my kids. She is having a Twilight party this weekend for her birthday and I am helping her plan it! It is so fun! I will be posting about all the cute things we are doing soon!

Ash said...

Oh, cool. I'll look forward to that!

Michelle said...

I attended a Twilight veiwing party a few months ago, My friend made (from scratch!) mushroom ravioli and we ate dinner and watched the movie together with a bunch of girls it was fun.