Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Zombie V Shark

Warning: This is graphic (albeit silly).

While I appreciate the attempt made by whoever made this, I have issues.

1. Can zombies actually swim? I have not seen any previous evidence of this. Only that they cannot drown since they are dead and can travel through water, but not by swimming, but by shuffling along the bottom.

2. Zombies don't eat sharks. All flesh is not created equal. How could a zombie even identify a shark as food? It can't smell it underwater. Unless zombies only identify food by things that move. But you don't see them trying to attack trees swaying in the wind and dogs: dogs always seem to be safe. Unless this zombie is highly evolved but it's highly doubtful.

3. The zombie in the movie is swimming backwards, away from the shark before it attacks again. While that makes sense for a human, zombies are too mindless to go on the defensive. They don't duck or deflect or run away. The just keep going, they don't know any differently.