Sunday, January 11, 2009

Apartment Therapy Shows A Little Bias

Against the midwest, that is.

In a post discussing the recent decision by Meredith Corp. to shut down Country Home and move ReadyMade to Des Moines, I stumbled upon this:

"Maybe it would be fun to hide out in Des Moines for a few years while the coasts get gutted, but it's hard to believe that ReadyMade, which grew up on Bay Area inspiration won't shrivel up and die out there."

A comment from AT co-founder Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan. Way to alienate a reader-base. Now, maybe living in Des Moines (practically), I take a extra offense to his statement. However, the midwest as a whole gets a bad rap as being a cultural wasteland, and those who live here and those who have taken the time here, know better. It would be nice if those coastal snobs would take the time to broader their horizons.

Read the whole post here.


maxwell said...

Dear Ash,

Thanks for keeping us real! I read your post and added a note to mine, which I hope explains what I was after here. Sorry for the off the cuff sarcastic implication, which was absolutely not meant!

Best, Maxwell

Ash said...

I appreciate you taking the time to clarify. Admittedly, us midwesterners are defensive when it comes to any implication we're unhip. You're point about the upheaval from SF to DSM is understood. Thanks!