Monday, January 12, 2009

What's with the anti-TV decor snobs?

I've seen a theme emerge lately in discussions among interior design enthusiasts: a hatred of TVs as the focal point of the room.

I've seen many comments of people proud to claim they hide their TV, don't watch TV, or don't own a TV. If that works for them, terrific, but when they add that TVs suck the life out of room, are ugly black holes, or kills conversation it appears they have a bit of an agenda rather than simply sharing a lifestyle choice. I guess hanging around the internet to make such comments is a much higher form of technology and an acceptable form of killing brain cells.

The truth of it is, TVs are very much a part of modern life. I see nothing wrong with embracing it by incorporating it into a room's design. Personally, I find TVs that are off to the side, angled oddly and rather uncomfortable to watch, awkward looking in a room. I probably feel that way about uncommitted additions to rooms in general.

For many people, TVs are not just about watching TV, they're about watching movies or playing video games. For those who entertain friends by playing Guitar Hero or play Wii Sports alongside their kids or have family movie night, a TV is an important part of day to day life. I think in many ways a TV can bring people together, not just pull them apart.

Along with the technology age, technology has also become a status symbol. People spend hundreds and thousands on new shiny TVs it's not hard to understand why people would want to show them off.

Are TVs the prettiest thing in the world? Certainly not. But there are plenty of ways the make a television and style coexist. Claiming to hate bran-rotting TVs and banishing them from your home to avoid the design dilemma they present is not necessary. :)