Friday, January 2, 2009

To add to the cliche...

As it's a new year, and the in thing seems to be either doing new things or trying to finish something unable to be completed in the previous year, so I'm starting a new blog.

I'm sure my husband will make fun of me, for essentially copying the same thing he did yesterday. Yet, his is a litlle less self-centric (that sounds better than self-centered). And his blog actually includeds me, which is very sweet. For the sake of... um... laziness, I shall link and let his first post explain all. Go ahead, take a look, and rejoin me here when finished.

I suppose I should explain what's to be expected here in the future. The tricky thing about that is that I don't really know myself. I have lots of little projects and ideas tooling around in my mind right now, mostly designs for my house, so I imagine they will feature at some point. Mostly one should expect musings about my day to day, opinions (mostly in the form of rants), ideas, and little bits of this or that which I may feel like sharing.

See you soon.