Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Design Trends the LA Times Wants to Die

In a feature at LAT Home (LA Times) is a list of bad design trends that are either on their way out, or the 20 designers who weighed in on the list hope will be. 

Most of the list didn't affect me at all, which I guess is good news if I at all cared whether my style was in keeping with the opinion of the LA Times. A few did catch my attention.

The first two in the list is granite countertops and commercial style kitchens. This works for me, not being able to afford either and relying on a gallon of white cabinet paint as my kitchen makeover. 

A gutsy addition to the list was CFLs. I think most people know, especially designers, how horrible CFLs make things look. Even at a comparable light temperature to incancesdents, something still is just not right. I call it anti-light because I have a terrible time focusing and actually seeing things with any clarity with CF bulbs. It's all just glare to me. Though, admittedly, I have very light sensitive eyes. 

The one thing I did object to was zebra patterns. Okay, so zebra print everywhere is a bit excessive and there is a lot of cheap looking items out there. But I have seen rooms that look awesome because of on little extra and that being a zebra rug. I think it might just be wishful thinking on their part, I don't see zebra going anywhere soon. There's something about the black and white contrast that has sticking power. 

To get the full list and designer comments: Bad design trends we home die in 2009